Ocean Retreat

Tasmania, Australia

Panoramic ocean views

Watch the ocean change moods from sunrise to sunset from the lounge room, bedroom, deck or plunge pool.

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Perfect base camp

Situated within driving distance to the iconic sites along Tasmania’s East Coast such as Coles Bay, Bay of Fires, and Wineglass Bay.

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Foodie heaven

Surrounded by Tasmania’s boutique wine regions, distilleries, breweries, and culinary delights.

Dark, brooding, mysteriously beautiful

Cast your eyes across the horizon. The sky is darkening and beginning to bruise. A brisk sea breeze tussles your hair and tugs at your clothing. The log-burner spits sparkles, mirrored against walls of glass, an eye to the salty, briny world beyond. Sipping on a warm, local whisky, you channel your last bit of Captain Ahab and steal a final glance out to sea. And there they are, Humpbacks in all their magnificence. Looking back at your friends, you all share the same expressions. Pure and simple bliss. After a day of foodie heaven, indulging in Tasmania’s finest, you realise this moment, this place called Ocean Retreat is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

Limited to 10 people

Minimum 2 nights

Join other travellers

AU $125 per person/night

Starting price. Per person double share.

Bring your own group

AU $100 per person/night

Starting price. Per person double share.


  • Accommodation in an ocean front beach house
  • *See catalogue for optional extras


  • Accommodation in an ocean front beach house
  • *See catalogue for optional extras

Perched aloft the stoney cliffs of the Falmouth coastline, Ocean Retreat is the perfect getaway. Explore the many treasures of Tasmania during the day, gathering tasty treats for the evening before ruggin-up to enjoy views out to the ends of the earth. The Bay Of Fires, Coles Bay, Wine Glass Bay are in easy reach, whilst the stunning works of art at Mona are worth the view when passing through charming Hobart. Natural beauty, spectacular landscapes, beaches and history abound, no wonder this is one of the world’s best kept secrets.

Immerse yourself in Tasmania's East Coast


  • Humpback & Southern Right whales
  • Bay Of Fires
  • Coles Bay
  • Vineyards
  • Sheer cliff faces
  • Charming boutiques & bistros
  • The Milky Way & The Southern Cross
  • MONA


  • 'Mainlander'
  • Waves crashing on the beach
  • Twist of wine bottle
  • Whistling birds
  • Crackling fire
  • The wind blowing off the ocean
  • Belly laughs and giggles
  • Contentment


  • Cool wind off the ocean
  • Familiary new
  • Luxuriously idle
  • Providence of the land
  • One the edge of the world
  • Australis
  • Rugged up & cosy
  • Vibrant


  • Freshly shucked oysters
  • Aged raw milk cheeses, artisanal quince paste, cherries soaked in pinot noir
  • Delicate muscles plucked straight from the sea
  • A good IPA
  • Tassie Whiskey by the fire
  • Sweet leatherwood honey
  • Smoked kippers
  • Foodie heaven


  • Crisp sea air
  • Lush, warm Pinor Noir
  • Aromatic Rieslings
  • Woodsmoke
  • Ancient rainforest
  • Lavender
  • Nature
  • Spice of life

Travel Details



With the tempestuous Tasman Sea in reach, Ocean Retreat is the ultimate port-in-a-storm. Architecturally designed to showcase the natural splendour with floor to ceiling windows, The Retreat’s four spacious, modern and sumptuous bedrooms share a view and comfort like no other. Float in the infinity plunge pool, chill by the log-fire or snug up inside, whatever you chose to do, lose yourself in the moment with friends and loved ones. 


Ocean front beach house


Up to 10 people


4 total – 4 king or twin, 2 rollout beds


4 en suite

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